Grout Color Seal

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Grout color seal is a powerful and affordable system designed to easily change the color of grout the professional way. Grout color seal gives old tile areas a fresh new appearance making them look new again. It is ideally suited for remodeling jobs, preparing a home for sale, or an investment property. We can lighten, darken, or change your grout to an entirely different color giving your floor a fresh, new, uniform look.


blackjack sign up bonus Why Grout Color Sealing?

  • Forms a protective barrier against dirt & stains thus making your regular cleaning routine easier and more effective
  • Is a constant-acting mildicide that inhibits the growth of bacteria & mildew thus providing a more sanitary surface and eliminating funky smells often found with older floors
  • Correct color problems on a new grout installation
  • Repel oil and water-based liquids preventing food and beverage stains


jackpotjoy rainbow riches Aesthetics

When you have areas where only some of the grout needs to be replaced, it is virtually impossible to match the color of the new grout to the older grout that is still intact. Even if you use the identical product and color, aging and wear has already altered the look of your previously installed grout and the difference is usually noticeable. Color sealing provides a consistent look across the board, making all of your grout look new again. And not just new —color sealing can completely change your grout to virtually any color you choose. The benefit of this is obvious. Are you considering new decor, an updated, fresher look or more contemporary colors? Your existing grout doesn’t need to hold you back or limit your choices. Color sealing is a way to harmonize with and complement remodeling without the expense of regrouting. With color sealing, you can even change from a dark shade to a lighter one.


Tasek Glugor joker123 casino Caveats to Be Aware Of

This is not recommended as a do-it-yourself project! Proper application that ensures complete protection over the entire surface of your floor is an art that requires training and practice to master. It is difficult to do correctly on the first attempt.

Professionals not only have the training, experience and tools to do the job, they have access to a wide variety of professional sealers and so are better equipped to select the one that is right for your circumstances.

Not all grout color sealing services are the same. The quality of the product that is used is critical! Some companies —even some that may surprise you —are using products that are tantamount to house paint. It may look great right after they finish, but within a short time, the paint peels.