About Us

Who We are

SourceOne is the premier restoration and maintenance company for all natural stone surfaces serving Metro Atlanta. We provide stone restoration services, consultation to our customers, and the education & product recommendations needed to properly maintain and preserve a natural stone investment.

We are licensed, insured and are members of National Tile Contractors Association, Certified Tile installers, and have over 30 years experience working in the tile and stone industry.

What We do

We clean, polish, repair, restore and protect marble, granite and other natural stone, tile and grout, concrete, solid surface and quartz floors, countertops and other surfaces.

Our Natural Stone Restoration Process

Our natural stone restoration process is known as diamond grinding and honing, which gives the stone more clarity and reflective properties than other methods that may be used.

Sealing Your Natural Stone Kitsuki duetact medicine  and Grout

Many stones and most grout needs to be sealed to protect them from staining. We use some of the most technically advanced sealers on the market today. Stains can be substantially inhibited by protecting your investment with a protective sealant. Impregnating sealers are most suitable for marble, limestone, onyx, travertine, limestone, granite and terrazzo.

Grout is porous and should be sealed as well. There are several types of grout sealers. We offer both clear sealing and color sealing. Color sealing gives many added advantages including being able to completely change the color of your grout lines — even from dark to light.

Decorative Stone Finishes

Not only do we offer a full range of cleaning, protection and restoration services, we are also able to produce any decorative finish desired by a client. For example, we can take a high polished marble or travertine finish and hone it or vice-versa.

Our Team

http://ak-rohstoffe.de/3754-csde60086-tr-5.0.html Mike Hearn-General manager & CEO at SourceOne

Michael has worked in the stone, tile, and concrete industry for over 25 years.  He is a certified tile installer with the CTEF (Ceramic Tile Education Foundation) and is a long time member of the NTCA. (National Tile Contractors Association).  Additionally, he is a graduate of Custom Building Products University, The Stone and Tile School, and numerous other industry training schools.
https://jfvdesigns.no/208-dno57564-singelklubb-alver.html Jamie Hernandez-Project manager at SourceOne
Jamie has extensive experience in the home service industry and knows what it takes to meet our customer’s needs.  Having family roots in Georgia that go back over 30 years, Jamie understands what makes the residential makeup of the metro Atlanta area so unique.  His hands-on approach ensures that our customers are satisfied with our work from the beginning of a project until the end.